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Screenplay heroines, three women who paved the way in the industry

Tres guionistas mujeres que abrieron camino en la industria
Lois Weber scriptwriter

I leave you here three female references from the script that are a must to know and a have to research, as forces that began the paths that we can travel today. In other words, there is a line that begins long before Greta Gerwig, and, in my opinion, it is good to see the film of history instead of the frames. The journey of these women opened and set precedents - not linear - in an industry that is still difficult to access for many today.

That´s why I want to bring this three women who have left their mark in an industry that is still very far from "me too." They are:

Ruth Prawer Jhabvala (May 7, 1927 – April 3, 2013) was an award-winning novelist and writer of German, British and American origin, and a two-time Oscar winner as a screenwriter. In addition, having had a long collaborative relationship with Mercha, she is a novelist leaving her mark on literature.

Lois Weber (June 13, 1881 – November 13, 1939) was an American director, screenwriter, producer and actress. She is recognized for writing 'The Merchant of Venice'. She began as an actress and acted in 'Hypocrites', a film that she wrote and that Alice's husband Guy Blanché directed. Film that touched on topics such as abortion or birth control. In 1916 she became the highest-paid director at Universal Studios.

Lucille Ball was a comedian who contradicted industry norms and opened the doors to women on television 'Being the Ricardos', with Javier Bardem and Nicole Kidman. She portrays her television beginnings and how she went off script, off the plan, and broke the conservative norms of opening the doors for women on television.


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