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Copy and scriptwriter

I always wanted to change the world by telling stories, that's why I studied journalism and political science. I quickly obtained a success story as a political communication consultant. Since 2009 I worked as a culture journalist, in audiovisual productions, communication strategy consulting, ghostwriter, and political marketing. With all this knowledge, for 4 years I have specialized in Screenwriting and Copywriting to tell those stories that matter,
that changes the world.

Which is your Story?


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This is me

I am an Argentine screen and copywriter in Barcelona.

The difference between listen and hear is that the first verb is intentional. I like to listen to stories, read them, analyze them, understand them. Writing them is a natural consequence. I help companies to create or improve their communication so that their words connect with their audiences.

I love cinema for its ability to connect with large audiences. In my free time I write fiction and publish movie reviews in Milana Magazine.


This is me,
just a Storyteller



Graduate in Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires, where I have been a professor of Political Philosophy. Graduated in journalism from the TEA school. I complemented my studies with the Filmmaking course at NYFA (New York City), in the Master of Art Direction, at Escac (Barcelona), improvisation seminars where Norman Brisky, Marcelo Savignone, and the writing workshop stand out. creative by Enzo Maqueira (Bs.As.) and script by J.P.Hopkins (Berlin). In 2021 I specialized in the Master of Film and TV Scriptwriting, from the Pontifical University of Salamanca.

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